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Meet Jessica Kent - a 14-year old from South London . Jessica knows nothing about her mother as she died giving birth to her and her father hasn't spoken about her since. All Jess knows is that she came from Jersey. When a letter arrives out of the bluefrom her great-uncle  inviting Jess and her father on a holiday to  the island, Jess sees it as the perfect opportunity to find out who her mother really was. However, in doing so, Jess uncovers a dangerous world of pagen religion, witchcraft, demons and magic -soon Jessica has a lot more to deal with than her mother's identity. Teaming up with Jake Leblanc, a wise-cracking local boy and Elsa Noir, a timid and sickly girl with a disturbing past, Jessica sets out to discover the truth about the Jersey demon

  Warlock In Jersey

Jessica Kent is looking forward to a autumn holiday on the beautiful and mystical island of Jersey. Not only will she meet up with all the friends she made in the summer - her Great-Uncle Jim, the White Witch Elsa Noir and local farmer's son Jake LeBlanc- but she will be celebrating her fifteenth birthday with her beloved sister Marina - her long-lost twin , who, since birth, has been cursed with terrible deformities. Much to Jess's horror, however, the sisters' relationship seems to have taken a turn for the worse and jealousy and sibling rivalry looks set to tear them apart. Only gradually does she realise that she and Marina are the victims of a cunning plot by the warlock Magiver that would not only destroy their family but plunge Jersey into a new age of Black Magic. It's down to the sisters to stop him but can they banish the hurt of the past when Magiver strikes at their deepest fears?' 

The Ghosts of Helier

Times are bleak on the island of Jersey. With the warlock Sigebert in possession of the axe of Helier, Black Magic has once more swallowed the island. Trolls terrorise the land and fear has driven merfolk and faeries into hiding, Soon the dreaded Jersey demon will be released.
Against this unthinkable  evil stand the twin sisters Jess and Marina Helily and their friend the White Witch Elsa. But with Jersey in the greatest peril it has been in centunies, an ancient and profound power stirs  Sacrefies must be made and lives must be lost in this their final battle.

Flesh Without Rhythm

My poem performed at the 2009 Uckfield Festival. The previous year I tried to perform with a group of able-bodied dancers as part of a choreogrphed routine but found the whole experience very frustrating. This was my response.